• Sarah

It’s bone season!

This time of year, bone themed food hits the stores. Having a degree in osteology, people often inform me of the various bone products or even bring me bone gifts. 😆Last week my sister brought over some Cheetos shaped like bones. Of course my addled brain immediately thought of a school project.

I took black construction paper and cut it in half. Of course, it would work just fine to use a whole page. Then I took the Cheetos and poured them into a bowl. I thought this would be easier for the children to grab whichever piece they wanted rather than risk them pouring out the entire bag searching for a skull or rib cage. I provided glue (glue sticks aren't very effective for this) and white crayons.

I assembled a skeleton on a piece of construction paper and vaguely labeled the bones. I did mine first to have as an example and to be free to assist my younger children with theirs.

I wish I could tell you that my children imitated my example perfectly but I'd be lying. They had a wonderful time taking various parts and gluing them to make silly or odd skeletons. They came up with backstories (this one fell down and is jumbled up). Their end results were nothing like I had envisioned, but they learned a few anatomical terms and had a wonderful time. It was a fun activity that I would gladly do again... if they hadn't eaten the leftover supplies.

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