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Do you want to build a snowman?

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Back in January, we had a snow theme. It's a pretty basic theme but it's still a great one. Sadly, we didn't have any real snow this year to make a snowman, so we made our own!

For a sensory bin, we used shaving cream. We had the children build snowmen out of buttons (eyes), ribbon (scarves), twigs (arms), orange straws (carrot noses), and felt hats. They began by spraying the cream in the general shape of a snowman. The idea was to spray three circles in the trays. Of course, some did this better than others.

After shaving cream was applied to the tray, floor, counter, ceiling, and child, the accoutrements were applied to the cream to decorate the snowman. I honestly went around the house that morning to gather these supplies. The twigs came from the bushes in the front yard. I made the hats from felt, but construction paper would have been fine. I had tons of ribbon, so I chose some scraps to use as the scarfs. The carrot nose is the thing that gave me the most pause. I finally settled on cutting up a straw which worked perfectly.

After snowmen were assembled, they were promptly disassembled. More shaving cream was sprayed and the buttons, hats, scarves, twigs, etc, were dug out one by one. All of the children seemed to enjoy the feel of the shaving cream on their hands as they squished and explored.

Our book this week was 100 Snowmen. My MIL made these cute snowman themed math cards to go with it. The youngest worked with counting the "snowballs" but the older two worked with addition. They were able to count the number of snowballs on the left and then those on the right. The oldest was then able to write the equation below and solve it. If he didn't know the answer immediately, he was able to count the total number of snowballs.

Our final activity was aimed at my oldest. He has been working on strengthening his "r" sounds through speech exercises. Trooper though he is, it is at times repetitive and dull. My MIL again stepped in to spice up his exercises by making geoboard prompts. (He loves geoboards.) The concept is for him to practice a word that reflects the "r" sound either at the beginning, middle, or end of a word. When he says a word correctly, he gets to place a rubber band on the geoboard. Eventually, he completes his speech exercise and is rewarded with a picture of a snowman, snowflake, etc.

I of course had many more ideas that I had wanted to employ this week, like salt snowflakes and cutting out snowflakes, but reality often plays out differently than the way I plan. We did do salt painting, but I failed to get pictures of our art. Trust me, it was glorious. Picasso would have been jealous. But the point is that regardless of how I plan, life is what it is. The goal isn't to create a perfect week for my kiddos, but to simply keep them from tearing the house down around me. . .

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