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Brave New World

It's not news that for many, life has changed drastically. For many of us, we have altered our day to day routines in an attempt to stay healthy and safe. If you have found this blog and are looking for ways to entertain your children while keeping their brains from melting on screens, welcome! Here I try to offer some ways to keep education easy and fun for your littles. The key here is easy, and today's idea is that.

My husband has been working longer hours in response to the crisis (and we are grateful that he is!) Of course, this means I'm a little more tired as I work a little harder, too. We are sticking to our normal schedule with regards to school, but I am all for making everything easy as possible.

My kindergartener needed some sight word review. I wanted to get him outside, so I decided to write his sight words on the patio and call out the words randomly. He ran from word to word. I would sometimes call them out so he hopped from one word to another in a straight line, but then would call a word out that would take him across the patio or back to the beginning of the line.

His younger siblings were following him like little ducklings. As he moved from word to word, they trailed behind him. Even the baby in his walker followed.

I had honestly hoped for a game that would keep them happy and moving (and not arguing) long enough for me to drink a cup of coffee. Surprisingly, this did. I used the sight words specific to his kindergarten reader but he wanted more words to be added. I'll be pulling more words from the Fry sight word list this afternoon.

For the younger children, I called out letters for them to find. One change I would make, is to write all the sight words in capital letters. My younger children learn capital letters first and then the lowercase. Using lowercase letters made the identification a little more difficult for them.

I plan to work in some phonics sounds, too. I will call out the "B" sound and have the pre-schooler stand on a B. Call out the "Z" sound, and have him locate the letter, and so on.

For my two year old, I'm going to draw some shapes in different colors. I'll call out either a shape or color for her to identify.

This idea can be used for numbers, too. Either draw a number or a group of dots. Call out the number and have them stand on the correct grouping of dots. For older kids, use larger numbers or simple addition/subtraction drills. For example, call out "5-3" and have the child stand on the number two.

Once this grows old, I have one more trick up my sleeve. I have a normal sponge that I have cut up into 6 smaller squares. They can dunk these sponges in water and launch them to their sight word, letter, shape, or color instead of running to it.

Of course, I know I'm not the only parent to have this idea, but I thought I'd share it all the same. I know sometimes when my routine is altered, I can become overwhelmed and not know where to start. Lately, I have been thinking of parents that are new to the homeschooling world, and want to offer some easy ways to ease into it.

I also wanted to direct you to my MIL's Teacher's Pay Teacher's page. She has tons of educational resources to print and entertain-er your children.


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