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Back to school!

It’s that time of year but it’s a year unlike any other. All over the state, parents and caregivers are having to face tough decisions about their children returning to school. Many are choosing to try homeschooling, other's remote learning. Regardless of what that first day of school looks like, I'd like to share a quick treat I like to make for our first day.

For those students that will be engaging in remote learning, those homeschooling, and even those that are attending physical schools away from home, the usual excitement and celebratory atmosphere will be different. Even so, I think there are small things we can do to encourage our children to love learning and to anticipate the new year.

One of our traditions is making pencil cookies. This idea is all over the internet and I am sure I first saw it on Pinterest. I do want to let people know just how easy it can be to make these. I use five simple ingredients; vanilla wafer cookies, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, coconut oil, and pink candy melts.

Simply take the vanilla wafers and cut one end into a point. Then pour some candy melts into a glass mug or small bowl. Do the same for the white chocolate chips. Heat the melts and chips in the microwave for 20 second intervals, stirring in between. It's important to use glass mugs/bowls as ceramic can crack if they get too hot.

Once the contents of each mug/bowl are smooth and creamy, you're ready to dip the wafers. If the chips aren't smooth, a dollop of coconut oil can be added until smooth. I simply dip the wafer in the pink candy melts and use a small butter knife to be sure the end is evenly covered. Then I dip the opposite end into the white chocolate. I set the cookie to dry on parchment paper and place a chocolate chip at the tip of the white chocolate. Viola! Pencil cookies.

Stay tuned for more homeschool adventures!

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