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A little about "US"


Who?  Why?  What?  These are questions I ask myself as a parent often.  Who did what to whom?  Why is someone screaming?  What is that noise?  Who is responsible for this mess?  When I don't keep my children occupied, these questions come up over and over.  It seems to me that these are great questions to start this blog adventure.

Who? Who is writing this blog?  I'm Sarah and I am a stay at home mom and home educator.  Formally, I was an archaeologist.  (Yes, really.)  I have a Masters of Science in human osteology and funerary archaeology.  Now, I have four children and homeschool.

Why?  Why did I leave my job?  After I had my first child, I wanted to be home with him.  I worked part-time and stopped traveling for work.  It wasn't enough.  I just couldn't do all the things I wanted to with him and keep the job.  Even with part-time hours, I had to spend time prepping for those days that I did work.  I was blessed to have a husband who understood and had an income that let me leave work and stay home.  Now, we have four children and zero regrets.

Why?  Why do I homeschool?  Confession - I was homeschooled . . . for a year.  It was a classical curriculum and the amount I learned in that one year stays with me to this day.  It fed all my odd interests and let me spend more time with my mom and sisters.  It was weird and wonderful.  It lead to my career.  Without that year, I wouldn't have learned to love learning.

I have always wanted to homeschool my children.  While other moms read What to Expect When You're Expecting, I read The Classically Trained Mind during my pregnancy.  Blame it on my own homeschool experience.  Blame it on the regency novels depicting intelligent governesses and people who appreciated knowledge.

What?  Yes, by now you are asking what is this blog about?  Well, my wonderful husband came with a wonderful mother-in-law.  She's an educator and a wealth of knowledge.  She is overflowing with great ideas and expertise regarding learning.  In short, this blog is a summary of our adventures together!  We come up with fun ways to teach my kids with stuff we have around the house, things we make, and "oh, yes" things from thrift stores.

Finally, the last who?  Who is reading this blog?  This blog is aimed at teachers, homeschooling parents, and people just trying to occupy their children long enough to cook a meal.  We want to share some of the lessons and themes we have done and hopefully inspire others to try them.